Friday, 3 October 2014

A Style of HB Stein I Hadn't Seen Before

Recently I came across a style of Hofbrauhaus stein that I had not encountered before. I was able to purchase the stein, but I have not been able to take a good look at it, since it is in transit. This style of HB stein seems to fall in between the more crudely etched HB steins with the trademarked logo on the lid and the stein featured in my "Bridging the Gap" post, that has a neatly etched blue HB on the body with no crown above it and the trademarked lid. Like these steins it has the trademarked logo on the lid, but the HB on the body has no crown above it and no colour. The style of the HB is slightly different than that of the one in the "Bridging the Gap" post. The stein however apparently has a stein mark by W.Wild as does the other two, but I have not seen it to determine which of his stein marks it is. I am not sure how many of this type of stein was produced, but it is the first one that I have encountered. It is numbered with the #8095, indicating it likely had seen use in the Hofbrauhaus. I am inclined to believe that the stein likely dates from in between 1888 and 1895.

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