Sunday, 21 September 2014

My HB Stein Collection Thus Far...

Since I have been fortunate enough to find a few more steins to add to my collection lately I decided to update the pictures of what I currently have in my HB stein collection. My main focus is on the early numbered HB steins that would have been used in the Hofbrauhaus, rather than the variant steins that they would occasionally put out. The first two pictures are of 1L steins that range in date from 1875-1890, with the exception of the one in the center on the bottom row which pre-dates 1872 and could likely be from the late-1860s. The third photo includes two steins that are similar that are like from between 1890-1906, as well as the stein featured in my last post that has the tobacco advertisement inside the lid, and a 0.5L stein that has a unique lid with the trademarked logo with the words Schutz-Marke. It age could be as early as 1879, but is uncertain for sure. The last picture includes steins that are post-1900, one of which is accompanied by an original sales receipt for the stein from the Hofbrauhaus. I also have accumulated about 50 unlidded HB steins that range in date from 1900 onward. They were the first HB steins I purchased from antique stores and garage sales before I focused my collection on the antique lidded steins. I am trying to add different variations of pre-1900 steins to my collection, preferably that are numbered. All but two of the steins pictured are numbered.


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