Friday, 4 October 2013


Just picked up an interesting numbered HB stein that is different from other HB steins I have in my collection or have seen before. I am not sure the exact age of the stein, but I would hazard a guess that it is most likely from the 1880's. The number on the lid of the stein is number 65. The stein is a 1/2 Litre in size, and does not feature the typical etched HB on the body of the stein, but has the trademarked HB logo on the lid. What is most interesting about the stein, is the lid. The lid has the HB logo with the crown above, which places the stein at 1879 or later, which is when the logo was trademarked, but rather than bearing the typical Kgl. Hof-braeuhaus Muenchen script around the logo. It simply says Hofbraeuhaus Muenchen. What is unique to this stein is also that is also has the words SCHUTZ MARKE as part of the logo. This is something that is unique and that I haven`t seen before on an antique HB stein. This leads me to believe that this stein could possibly be from shortly after the logo was trademarked, and before they included the Kgl. Hof-Braeuhaus Muenchen as the script around the logo. At this point I am just hypothesizing about the age, but intrigued to find out more about the stein and its age.

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