Monday, 7 January 2013

Old HB Photos

Old photos are always interesting, because of the snapshot they give us of what once was. Below are a few old Hofbräuhaus related photos that I have come across online that all seem to tell their own story about what the great beer hall was like in the past. The first picture is apparently of legendary Hofbräuhaus server Anni Popp. The second is of two servers with their hands full. The third and fourth pictures show life inside the beer hall circa. 1897. The fifth and sixth photos show the interior of the Hofbräuhaus, and the last photo shows the exterior of the Hofbräuhaus in 1895.


  1. where did you get the picture of the server holding all of those steins? The first one...Who is that? i can't find anything online about Anni Popps

  2. A kind lady on etsy owned the postcard and gave it to me. It is not an original postcard from the period, but one that was produced more recently and identifies Anni Popps on the back.